Step-by-Step Douching for Men: Keeping Booty Clean

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You need to prepare to turn that one-way backstreet into a two-lane highway

The BB Team has discovered that douching is probably the most popular topic for bottoms on the internet, and for good reason!

Black Gay Blog author and journalist Jason LaYacona, who also has a Masters degree in Public Health from Howard University, spells out the reasons. Just his opening paragraphs pulled us in. He does have a way with words:

“There’s no way around it. There’s no feeling in the world that compares to really great sex. Whether you’re the bottom feeling the sensation of a beautiful, shapely tool thrusting up inside of you. Or you’re a top feeling the womb-like warmth of the anal canal hugging your member; sex is incredible.”

“Regardless of how great it is; anal sex is not for those who refuse to put in the preparation. You need to prepare to turn that one-way backstreet into a two-lane highway.”

“By day your asshole is a street that ferries waste to the dump. But by night, it can bring in 6 to 12 inches of burning hot pleasure in the opposite direction. This doesn’t just ‘happen,’ gentlemen.”

Curious to find out the rest?

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Applying lube to the douche itself is going to make pushing that thin spout up inside yourself much easier and more comfortable. Most guys like to stop there. They like to let their sex partner tear open their sexy tight hole with their monster dicks. I, however, am far too scared of pain and also lube up a dildo as part of the process.

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Tuesday October 12, 2021


MPH, author and journalist | Black Gay Blog

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