Your Kink Life is Yours to Define

Man in pup mask on chains

You create the role. You write the script.

This article was originally titled, “How do I get Started as a Pup?”

This question intrigued the BB Team as well, since pup play or most any fetish seems to be geared to dom/top, sub/bottom roles. Alexander Cheves aka Beastly begins to define this with a detailed post on Love, Beastly, “For those who don’t know, puppy play is a ‘scene’ (effectively a microculture) in kink/BDSM in which people bark, move about on their hands and knees, and sometimes have sex — sometimes kinky sex (involving bondage, gear, and so on) — in the ‘pup’ role. The stereotype of a human pup is a cute, playful submissive who is cared for and loved by a dominant ‘handler/ or ‘owner.’ Sex may be involved.”

Beastly writes that, “There is no gateway, no rite of passage, to pup play or any fetish practice. There is no standard version of puppy play — no set practices, no essential gear, no prerequisites. You do what you want…Fetish scenes are not official, universal cultures. There are no standard practices, no script you must perform. You create the role and write the script. No one can tell you your version of pup play is wrong. (Well, they can, but their opinion is irrelevant to your life.)”

Read more for fascinating insight into not just pup play, but the gay kink/fetish world.

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Wednesday September 29, 2021


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