The Ultimate Guide to Male Anal Bleaching

Bleached white starfish on sand

Is it time for you to sexify the hole package?

Website Modern Gent jumps on the bleach bandwagon, and not for disinfecting households: “The act of male grooming has launched into the spotlight in recent years, with excess hair disposed of, man-buns running rampant and intricate beard trimming that puts a girl’s ‘up-do’ to shame. It’s no surprise, therefore, that booties have come under intense scrutiny, to “sexify” the “hole” package, resulting in many looking for the ultimate guide to male anal bleaching.”

“Most men, and women for that matter, are opting for anal bleaching products, so you can bleach away in the comfort of your own home. It’s a much cheaper option, you’ll avoid someone poking around your butt and it’s so simple a monkey could do it–providing they took as much notice of butts as the human race does.”

Before you go for a pink wink, make sure you read details on the ins and outs of anal bleaching (and bleach is not involved). And yes, it doesn’t happen overnight. And yes, you have to keep it up or your white starfish will return to it’s old self.

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Featured image by Julian Jaffe | Pixabay

Wednesday September 22, 2021

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