19 Reasons Middle-Age Men Need to Get Over Their Midlife Crises


Past his prime

Only 19 reasons? There are probably a hundred, but HuffPost writer and author David Toussaint honed in on some really good ones.

One favorite: #4. Because older gay men are as attractive as all get-out. You are the last generation of gay death and the first generation of a new gay life, and that experience makes you more beautiful than any bicep bulge or flat stomach. And should anyone call you a “tired old queen” or “past his prime” or, in the immortal words of Jethro Tull, “too old to rock and roll,” their ignorant words should only make you grateful you know otherwise. Because, in the immortal words of Helen Reddy, “It’s wisdom borne of pain.” And because if they don’t get those references, they also might not get “you’re gonna make it after all.” And she did, and so did you.

Another fav: #17. Because, yeah, back pain sucks, and so do those wrinkles and love handles and worrying about prostate cancer and heart trouble and cholesterol and losing your hair and dying alone and finances and sexual dysfunction and never writing the Great American Novel. And because all of that is a billion times better than going to the doctor and only fearing that one four-letter word. And because you can still finish that book.

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Wednesday September 1, 2021


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