What is it About Feet that People Find Such a Turn-on?


It's a very mixed crowd with a wide range of foot-related interests, beyond just toe sucking

Are you into feet? Is your sex partner? In Gay Star News, writer David Hudson explores foot fetishism and why you and/or your partner may enjoy stepping into it.

London-based club promoter Andy hosts the monthly Feet on Friday, and Sneax on Saturday. Feet on Friday, attracts 70-80 guys each month. It’s a very mixed crowd with a wide range of foot-related interests, beyond just toe sucking.

Andy says, “It is really super diverse. The thing about the foot fetish thing is that you get people who are into so many different things. You get people who are into clean feet, or who like sweaty feet. Men who like hairy feet. People who like smooth feet. Then you get the guys who are into socks and footwear, whether it be boots or trainers or smart shoes. Then you get people who are into doing things with feet, like tickling or guys into trampling.”

The BB Team knows foot fetish is real. There are a ton of foot and feet selfies online!

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Barefoot on pebbles. Featured image by Wokandapix | Pixabay
Barefoot on couch. Image by Jose Alijovin | Unsplash
Barefoot in shadow. Image by How-Soon Ngu | Unsplash
Barefoot on skateboard. Image by Matthew McCarthy | Unsplash
Barefoot in jeans. Image by Srinivas Reddy | Unsplash
Barefoot on boat. Image by Brandon Hoogenboom | Unsplash
Barefoot in clouds. Image by Jeremy Bishop | Unsplash

Tuesday November 16, 2021


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