What Does Being a “Power Bottom” Really Mean?

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Achieving power bottom status isn't something that happens overnight

The BB Team is pretty sure you know what “power bottom” means, but what does it really mean? NewNowNext writer Bobby Box gives his interpretation: As queer people, we’ve all heard the term “power bottom.” Its usage implies a superior bottom who can enthusiastically handle any dick of any size at any time. A power bottom is a bottom’s final evolution—the Charizard of taking dick, if you will. They’ve learned their body and its limits, and as a result, they emit a holographic sense of confidence both inside and outside of the bedroom. (Don’t ask us how we know, but the Charizard is one of the strongest Pokémon monsters.)

For journalistic integrity, Box asks several guys what it means to be a power bottom. The responses are intriguing, such as, “Tops fuck bottoms, but power bottoms fuck tops,” Dan, 33, tells NewNowNext. This was verified by Tyler (@Gutter_Spice on Twitter), 30, who says, “What makes me a power bottom is that when I’m riding a guy, I grab him by the throat, spit in his face, and say ‘That’s my dick, little bitch.’”

Apparently power bottoms can be bossy. Find out what else!

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Saturday October 2, 2021


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