What Bottoms Want: A Guide for Good Topping


Come to the party with your cock smelling good and tasting fresh

This guide’s juicy title from the New Zealand AIDS Foundation caught the BB Team’s attention. And from Tips #1 through #8, you’ll love the advice Kiwis come up with.

Tip #1 started at the begining and got right down to business with “Cleanliness is next to Topliness: Now here’s the tea: things are way more fun when everyone’s on an equal playing field. Bottoms aren’t the only ones who need to ‘prepare’ for butt sex. We appreciate it when you come to the party with your cock smelling good and tasting fresh. You’re more likely to be deepthroated, and better oral sex is practically guaranteed if you give yourself a sudsing downstairs beforehand. And hey, a bottom’s gotta douche and gussy up their bussy, so pay them the same courtesy.”

Final Tip #8 closed well with a note on not being a toxic top: “The train has not reached its final station once you’ve finished–all too often tops exit the game as soon as they cum, leaving the bottoms to tend to their own needs. This premature exit is SO boring and it’s a classic trait of a toxic top. When sex is one-sided, it’s BAD sex. Sometimes people can’t or don’t need to cum and that’s okay too, but when your goal is to just blow and go, it leaves the bottom in the lurch and is no fun for them. If you finish first, do the right thing – continue the journey with the bottom, don’t abandon them!”

Read the rest of the tips and “Go forth and be the most empowered and empathetic top you can be!”

The BB Team has also dug up the companion piece, “What Tops Want: A Guide to Good Bottoming.” You’re welcome!

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Tuesday November 16, 2021

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