Thinking Beyond Your Dick From the Guy with the 3-week Erection


You are not (just) a piece of meat

Noted writer Danny Harrop-Griffiths, who also goes by the pseudonym Danny Polaris, confesses what led up to his recent priapism, a three-week erection, and the subsequent biological and psychological toll it took. He nearly lost his penis after injecting a drug into it.

Polaris offers six tips for thinking beyond your dick. One of his most important relevations is, “You are not (just) a piece of meat. Gay culture puts a heavy emphasis on sex. The more sex you have, with the more guys, the better. I used to feel a sense of accomplishment if I’d had sex with multiple guys in one night, at a sex club or afterwards at a “chillout”. Each sexual encounter gave me a bit more of the validation I was desperately seeking. But after a few days, the memories would fade and I’d go back to feeling empty.”

“My ordeal with the blonde doctor made it easier to work out why. He was not a man who had my best interests at heart–he wanted to make me as hard as possible only so he could get fucked as hard as possible. And most of the time, that’s just fine–as long as you don’t rely on beautiful strangers you meet in the night to provide a long-term emotional fix.”

His first person account in Vice is an intriguing look at gay men, tops, sexual and mental health.

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Sunday October 24, 2021


(pseudonym Danny Polaris) LGBTQ+ journalist, singer, editor, performer, reiki healer

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