The Feeling of Compersion Took My Poly Relationship to New Heights


Every threesome, foursome and more some strengthened his relationship

The BB Team admits having to google “compersion.” We thought we knew everything!

Men’s Health columnist Zachary Zane‘s account of his first polyamorous relationship is a quick and engaging read.

He begins with his story of how he met Simon who also had a wife of nine years: “I first laid eyes on Simon (not his real name) in a dim lit underground fetish club, and I couldn’t look away. While his facial features were striking in a classic masculine manner—cut jawline, broad nose, full eyebrows—he had a badass-punk aesthetic: manicured fauxhawk, piercings down his entire ear, and full tatted sleeves. His body looked like that of the men in Calvin Klein catalogs, only hairier. He had a six-pack abs, bulging biceps, broad chest, and a bubble butt. Fuck, he was hot. Simon personified sex.”

Zane found how every threesome, foursome and moresome strengthened his and Simon’s relationship, with both bottoming together for “hung daddies.”

Whew! It’s hot, and the BB Team doesn’t recall any articles like this in Men’s Health a decade or so ago. Back then, gays bought Men’s Health for the pictures, not all the straight male stuff. While we still do like the pictures, the magazine has come far in acknowledging a significant portion of its customer base!

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Thursday October 7, 2021


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