Teaching Young Dogs Old Tricks


Exploring the role of mentorship in the gay “pup play” community.

Mosh anyone? Slate contributor Mike Miksche writes, “When at their leisure, some queer people socialize and sweat it out at LGBTQ badminton games. Others enjoy hearing a reading at the local queer bookstore. And for still others, the best way to spend free time is rolling around on floor mats with each other while wearing puppy masks, collars, and tail-shaped butt plugs, barking and sniffing like real pups. Known as pup play, this is a brand of BDSM role-play where people imitate adolescent canine behavior in order to get off.”

The Slate article focuses on exploring the role of mentorship in the gay “pup play” community. “Mentorship in the LGBTQ world comes in all forms, whether it’s drag mothers teaching queens to contour and make it in the biz, or leather daddies showing their sub the ropes—literally. But these sorts of mentor relationships often extend to areas of life beyond craft and kink.”

Although a BDSM puppy pack might seem an unlikely vehicle for mentorship, for the Fog City Pack, it works.

Miksche interviews one mentoring puppy pack in particular. Fog City Pack is a group of nine polyamorous pups living in, you guessed it, San Francisco.

Fog City Pack has a pack hierarchy structure, led by Alpha Midnight and Alpha Turbo. There are betas, a guard, a submissive omega and others. What an informative article!

If you’re interested in finding out more, head to Fog City Pack. The pack also has events, so plan on sniffing out BETA 2022 on July 29, 2022 during Dore Alley Weekend. Bark! Woof!

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Featured image and Pack image courtesy of Fog City Pack

Thursday June 23, 2022


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