Naughty Boy Fanny Pack


Naughty Boy fanny pack is ready to go places…clubs, cruises or just around town.

Get size M/L if you intend to sling it.

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Naughty Boy fanny pack is the hottest trend accessory for gays on the go. And this waist bag has everything—the right size, a small inside pocket, and adjustable straps—to become your favorite fashion item, and especially if you like to keep pockets empty and your hands free for action.

It’s the perfect size to stash phone, keys, wallet, condoms, lube, tiny bottles, c rags, breath mints, collars, leashes and lots more!

The Bottom Basics logo appears on the inside pocket. Our custom, hand sewn fanny packs make perfect, unique gifts for your friends or for yourself!

Bottom Basics offers two sizes, S/M and M/L. Note that the bag is the same for both sizes. It’s the strap length that is different. The BB Team recommends M/L.

Dimensions are when the product is laid flat: 5.5″ (14 cm) height, 14.5″ (36 cm) width, and 2 3/4″ (7 cm) depth. S/M strap length fits 27 5/8″ – 37 3/4″ (70 – 96 cm). M/L strap length fits 35 3/8″ – 52 3/8″ (90 – 133 cm). The straps are 1 1/4″ (2.5 cm) wide.

Bottom Basics fanny pack is made of 100% poly, water-resistant material. It comes with a top zipper with 2 sliders and a small inner pocket without zipper.

With material sourced from China, our quality fanny pack is custom made-to-order, printed, cut and hand sewn in the US and Europe.

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