Peach, Pouch and Pickle – The Emen8 Guide to Intimate Hair Removal


There really is nothing quite like the feeling of a smooth, hairless scrotum

For those of us, oops we mean you, who grew up fantasizing about AussieBum‘s website and ad videos of hot, truly smooth, bare-chested and pube-free Australians in skimpy Aussie rower swimsuits with the inseams hiked up almost to their crevice (for more comfortable, faster rowing of course), this article may be of interest!

After all, the subtitle reads, “There really is nothing quite like the feeling of a smooth, hairless scrotum, whether it’s yours or someone else’s.”

Austrialian site Emen8 presents a really good, brief guide to keeping hair removal save, effective and super sexy. “If you’re a guy who enjoys the heightened sensation and soft feel of bare skin, there are a lot of ways to achieve and maintain the smooth body you’re after. There are also a few pitfalls to look out for — and a couple of things you can do to stay hairless and healthy.”

By the way, which is your favorite photo of featured model Gudkov? The BB Team needs help deciding, but are leaning toward the one with him wearing black and white underwear. Or the one with his tongue out. Let us know!

If you’re keeping some or all of your pubes, don’t forget about the ‘extra inch’ you can achieve by clearing a small strip right around the base of your shaft. It may be an optical illusion, but it’s not technically lying.


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Images by Serge Lee | Shutterstock

Tuesday October 12, 2021


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