No Brown in Town

Fallen muddy rugby player

Thursday October 27, 2016

I‘m not going to lie. Like many of you, I’m a **drum roll** bottom. What else would I be doing writing for Bottom Basics? 😀 Bottoming is fun… and, with the right guy doing it right, it can feel really, really be amazing! I do, however, have one pet peeve about bottoming, and that’s my ‘no brown in town’ rule.

Ok, sure, some tops out there—you know the ones I’m talking about—they say: “I’m okay if there’s a little residue.” Puhlease! Yes, occasionally accidents happen, but I try to do all I can to make sure that those accidents don’t happen. In fact, when it does happen, I actually freak out a little inside. Sure, I try to keep my chin up, stop thinking about it, and get over it. Nevertheless, it hangs over me for a couple of weeks at least. Am I the only one out there with this hang up?

No brown in town?

What’s your thought on this? As always, getting to the bottom of it 😀

Featured image by Quino Al | Unsplash

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