My First Time Bottoming. My Pounding Heart!

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Saturday October 7, 2017

We have another gay follower’s story to share with you. It’s a bit long … but you will never find us complaining about long ones here at Bottom Basics. Enjoy the story.

Thomas B shared:

I was a 25-year-old grad student who had always identified as a straight guy in public (sorry don’t judge; I no longer pretend). But, that was the case at the time of this story. I have a slightly stocky but chubby build, but I’m proportioned well. My friends always say that if I spent a little bit more time in the gym, I’d be a stocky muscle stud. That’s not me, however. I’m okay being the “thick” guy.

I started getting more interested in guys one day while surfing porn. I guess, down deep inside, I was always looking at guys, but I didn’t really process what was happening—that was until I clicked the wrong link on Pornhub. Then, my attitude changed.

I watched in awe as I saw two muscle studs going at it. Wow! Then, of course, I had to click around more. That’s when I saw two really beefy guys going at it, and one of them even had the same body shape as me. Was kinda cool to see regular guys getting together.

Over the next few months, I started watching more and more gay porn, mostly thinking if I ever “did it” myself that I would surely be a top. But, one day I begin wondering what it would be like to play the opposite role. So, I started experimenting. Toys. Lube. If you asked me then, I’d probably deny it, but I was becoming bottom curious.

I kept fantasizing about guys, but I never actually did anything about it. I was busy with school, and all of my friends were straight. Plus, I was nervous to try the hook up apps thinking someone would recognize me.

He was tall and stocky but very well built. He had no idea about my interest in guys (or him) although we hung out all the time.


It’s Hot in HereI bartended some nights at a hotel bar during those years. One of the waiters there, a very close friend Luke, was the first guy I had a crush on. In my mind, I would just picture us kissing, touching, and, well, you know. Luke was a bit older than me, and he was tall and stocky but very well built. He had no idea about my interest in guys (or him) although we hung out all the time.

One day after Luke and I had been out drinking after work, we went back to my apartment to watch TV. Another bud, Jacob, was supposed to meet up with us, but he canceled leaving just Luke and I alone.

As we sat there drinking and watching TV, Luke turns to me and says, “It’s hot in here don’t you think?” I agreed and got up to turn on the window unit in the adjacent room. When I returned, I was completely taken back. Luke had taken his pants off and was sprawled out on the couch with just his underwear and t-shirt. “I hope it’s okay that I made myself comfortable,” he said. And all I could do is stare at him, fumbling for words. “Umm … it’s okay,” I replied. Butterflies were racing in me. Even though I had a crush on Luke, I hadn’t really thought of what he would look like sprawled all out on my couch. It was just something that was beyond comprehension. Was he coming on to me?

My heart continued pounding as we drank more and watched TV. An hour passed. Another hour. With each hour passing, Luke seemed to be inching closer to me. Was this all in my imagination?

We were watching a stand-up comic on Netflix, so both of us were cackling and laughing constantly. “Dude, I could watch this all night. Funny stuff,” He said. I agreed and poured both of us another drink. Soon thereafter, I heard him utter, “Do you mind if I stay the night? My place is a bit of a drive, and I’ve had way to much to drink.” Oh my God! My heart began racing even more. I stuttered a bit looking for words but soon replied, “Ummm, sure.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t try anything. That is, not unless you want me to.” He saw that I was speechless, and I was shaking like I had just seen a ghost. Could he perceive what I was thinking? Well, I guess my silence and eye gaze was all it took because at that moment, Luke lunged closer to me on the couch and began confessing his crush on me. He kissed me hard, and I kissed him back even more passionately.

Shirtless man with abs in shadow

Hot Six Pack Abs“I knew it,” He said softly. “You never talk about girls. I always see you looking at me. And, I’ve been wanting to kiss you for as long as I can remember.”

“Is that so?” I asked. My gaze followed his hot body as the t-shirt he was wearing silhouetted his torso showcasing his hot six pack abs. And, God, the chest hair coming out the collar of the shirt was driving me crazy. It was dark and thick and was turning me on like crazy.

We continued to kiss, and he put his hand under my shirt and caressed me hard. It was rough but strong and caring at the same time. We continued to kiss passionately and rub on each other. And, before you knew it, we were both stripped down to our underwear.

“Let’s go to the bed,” He said and got me up. “I want to be with you. I mean, really be with you.” So, we walked to the bedroom and made out for what seemed like an hour. It was the first time touching a man and being touched back. My mind was blown on how good it made me feel.

As we continued to play, Luke leaned into my ear and whispered, “Do you have any lube?” Yikes! Does he really want this? Who will top? Who will bottom? My mind was reeling, and my heart started fluttering again.

I did have some lube from the “practice sessions” I had been having, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to reveal that I did. “Why,” I asked? “I want to top you,” Luke replied.

I then nervously retrieved my hidden stash of lube from its hiding place and brought it back to him. “I’ve actually never done this before,” I said. Then I felt a hand on my back. “I’ll take good care of you,” He said.

Luke opened the lube and rubbed some on me—front and back. “I will be gentle. Just relax,” He said. Then, seconds later, it started.

The rest of the night was amazing. It was my first time, and I was with the man of my dreams. It did hurt a bit at first, but when I took Luke’s advice and began relaxing, it felt amazing.

Since grad school, I’ve moved to Chicago. I still keep up with Luke on Facebook, and occasionally we chat. I’ll always remember that night fondly, and I have Luke to thank for making my first time special.

Featured image by Jiroe | Unsplash
Six Pack Abs in Shadow. Image by Lamar Belina | Pexels

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