Learning to Bottom

Marc Dylan in front of webcam

Watch Learning to Bottom from Marc Dylan. From his gay porn star perspective and as a total bottom who recently moved into topping, he matter-of-factly responds to emails from fans Quentin and Jim. They asked how to enjoy bottoming more and tips to help it hurt less. Although the video remains static and a bit blurry, the five minutes pass quickly watching his soft-focus handsome mug talk directly to you.

Marc Dylan’s Comments section is interesting too. Yes, the BB Team has nothing better to do than peruse YouTube comments for you!

With the funniest YouTube comment we’ve seen in a long time, Blanca W garnerned 6K+ Likes with her comment: “Oh my GOD!!! I was watching a sewing tutorial on how to make a square bottom basket and the Autoplay function on YouTube started playing this video next! I may be an 81 year old woman but now I feel prepared if I ever decide to transition and live life as a homosexual man at anytime in the near future! Very educational! XOXO.”

Gary M was one many to reply to her: “Blanca W you have more tolerance in your little finger than my entire family has in their entire bodies combined. Congrats to you.”

Have you got any tips for me on how I can take it hard and blow my load when bottoming?


Wednesday November 16, 2016


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