Is Penis Lightening a New Trend Now?


It appears to becoming more popular in both East and West

While the BB Team was aware of anal bleaching, we never heard of penis lightening or whitening. We have first hand knowledge that whitening the skin is the rage in Thailand for straight and LGBTQ+ girls and guys, and is also popular in other Asian countries. Everywhere you look in Bangkok there are billboards with handsome models extoling the virtues of skin whitening. While Westerners are trying to darken their skin by tanning, Easterners are trying to lighten their skin (we just didn’t know it extended to the penis). Eastern preferences are not necessarily based on white dominated media, but on long-term cultures and societies, class and caste.

As for penis lightening, it appears to becoming more popular in both East and West. Plus, according to David at, “Although quite a few of the men in search of penis whitening treatments are members of the gay community, the overall demographic is quite broad-based and encompasses both gay and straight men of all nationalities between the ages of 22 and 60.

It seems that the idea of a whiter, lighter penis is a lot do with the individual’s perception of how their penis will appeal to a sexual partner and a lot to do with their sense of self-worth and confidence where the circumstance arises. There’s no doubt that what started out as a trickle of seemingly unusual requests a couple of years ago has turned into a large cosmetic product and procedure industry.”

While the cosmetic laser surgical procedure can set you back a tidy sum, plus about six hours of treatment, many more guys are going the DIY route to save money and possilbly embarassment.

If you DIY, it’s recommended to stick to natural ingredients like Kojic acid, and definitely avoid hydroquinone (not Trump’s hydroxychloroquine infatuation, but avoid that too). If someone snoops and sees the serum in your medicine cabinet, just say its for dark spots (apparently it works for those too!).

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Saturday October 2, 2021


Writer | Anal Bleaching Guide

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