How Quarantine Made Me a Better Bottom


I've amassed a sex toy collection that rivals Christian Grey's

With the COVID-19 pandemic, what’s a lonely bottom to do? Gay culture, well the entire planet, has been thrown for a loop. In Xtra, writer Bobby Box gives us a first person account of his life in quarantine, and discoveries along the way.

“As a sex writer, I’m fortunate to receive new sex toys on a fairly regular basis for reviewing purposes. Having written on the subject for nearly a decade, I’ve amassed a sex toy collection that rivals Christian Grey’s. The volume is overwhelming, so I’ve donated some of these provocative playthings as stag and doe prizes and gifted others during the holidays. The remainder are stored in backpacks shoved deep in my closet (where I also spent the majority of my 20s).”

Box laments, “But with COVID-19 keeping us indoors and at least six feet apart, my closet doors have inched open—no doubt a response to circumstantial loneliness.”

With his boyfriend living hundreds of miles away, his closet door opened wide and sex toys spilled out and self-probing began. “I can honestly say this experience has opened my eyes (among other things) to the full spectrum of pleasure one can glean from anal intercourse.”

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Featured image by Steve Pancreate | Unsplash

Saturday October 2, 2021


Freelance writer and certified sex educator, sex columnist for Grindr, contributing editor for Daily Beast, Playboy, Askmen, Elle, NewNowNext, The Advocate, and more

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