How Gray Sweatpants Became the Unofficial Symbol of Fall Horniness

Male student's crotch in gray sweatpants

The seemingly innocuous garment sits at the intersection of sex, fashion, and social media

In GQ magazine, contributor Max Berlinger opens with, “Autumn means different things to different people. For some, it’s a crisp chill in the air, cutting through summer’s swampy humidity. For others it’s the cinnamon-y sweetness of a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Outdoorsy types consider it the season for “leaf peeping” and begin planning their visits to apple orchards and pumpkin patches. And yet, for a shockingly large number of people, fall is also the time of year for a very specific, very horny delight: gray sweatpants, and the faint outline of the wearer’s dick they allow.”


Without a doubt, the BB Team are extreme voyeurs observers of guys in gray sweatpants. Reading this article, it’s nice to find out why gray sweatpants turn us on so much, and also that we are not alone!

Berlinger asks, “But how—and, more importantly, why—did we get here? Why are grey sweats, of all articles of clothing, the unofficial symbol of fall horniness?”


“Well, the obvious answer is because you can see the penis in the sweatpants,” says Evan Ross Katz, writer and host of the podcast Shut Up Evan.

“But actually, to me, that’s a little less appealing than when I just know something’s going on down there and there’s a little bit of movement. And it can be from a semi or just the balls swinging, but you’re like, Oh it’s awake down there; there’s activity down there.”

“Katz has grasped perhaps the most alluring detail of grey sweatpants: their sexiness is unexpected—and, at its best, un-self-aware.”

Much more detail and interviews are in the full article, and even a Twitter post or to, like this one:


Male student in gray sweatpants
Twitter loves possibly NSFW gray and grey sweatpants!

So, do you have a pair of gray sweatpants, and are you un-self-aware? Or are you very aware?! Let us see! Send photos or tweets of yourself in gray sweatpants to and who knows, maybe you’ll appear on Bottom Basics or our Twitter feed.

Here are just a few of the probably thousands of tweets representing the glory of gray (or grey) sweatpants season!







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Thursday November 11, 2021


Writer and contributor | GQ magazine

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