Gay Online Dating: 7 Skills to Master for Success


These seven skills or tips should be mandatory reading before any of us swipes left or right again

There are tons of articles about gay online dating apps and how to go about using them. Times have changed and gay guys no longer have to cruise the dark bars and backrooms for dates and hookups (unless that’s what you like of course)! This guide by Black Gay Blog author and journalist Jason LaYacona comes at online dating from a real world perspective, and has loads of positivity.

LaYacona declares, “It turns out that most guys are doing gay online dating all wrong. So, it’s time to shut up, sit back, and equip yourself with our seven skills to master for gay online dating and finding that perfect man – or perfect men. We don’t judge.”

The BB Team concurs. These seven skills or tips should be mandatory reading before any of us swipes left or right again!

If there’s a vibe, meet them in public, and make sure someone you trust knows where you are. But at least give that weird-seeming guy a try. You never know; the guy that can’t message to save his life might be the one.


Online Dating PhotosThe BB Team especially likes #3: “Take Better Online Dating Photos. The kind of man that’s going to message you on a gay online dating site based on your heavily edited, jock-strap revealing mirror selfie is not the kind of man you want inside you.”

“The men that are the best at sex and actually stick around are the same men that want to see you at your best. Upload photos of yourself at that watercolour class. Or why not put up that photo of you at your graduation? It’s totally cute and makes you look tall next to your tiny classmates.”

“If you upload filth-level photos of you crawling all over the bathroom floor, expect replies from filth monsters. Also, karma searches out bitches who photoshop. Just saying.”

The other six skills are just as good!

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Sunday October 3, 2021


MPH, author and journalist | Black Gay Blog

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