Daddy Training

Eric Rutherford sitting with Matthew Dempsey; Text: Daddy Training

“Growing up gay, most of us didn’t have parents who shared that identity and could guide us through that experience as we stepped into adulthood. Enter the gay daddy. Whether for friendship or romance, we can easily find ourselves drawn to older gay men for answers we never got and always needed.”

Psychotherapist Matthew J. Dempsey sits down with his handsome friend and resident daddy Eric Rutherford for an informative YouTube interview about younger guys dating older guys. The two discuss “gay age gaps in dating, aging in the gay community, how to keep a positive attitude through it all, and so much more.” Basically, “Daddy Training.”

Certainly for me at this age, I’m 51, and being a daddy, it’s yes, I’ve had life experience and I maybe have a level of maturity that I didn’t have when I was 15, 25, 35 even, but I still love life.


LPCC, MA, MEd, psychotherapist, recovering overthinker, foodie

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