9 Types of Tops You Run Into at the Gay Bar


No two tops are the same

The BB Team fully enjoyed this scroll-down presentation from Pride showcasing all the types of Tops you inevitably run into while visiting a gay bar! Check it out to see what top types you like!

Zachary Zane always comes up with the best, cheeky contributions. He writes, “Originally, I planned on writing, ‘here are all the tops you run into a gay bar,’ and then proceed to leave the rest of the page blank… But despite their lacking presence, they do, at least in theory, exist. When we are lucky enough to be blessed with citing more than one cute top at the bar, it’s first and foremost a miracle. But second, we see that no two tops are the same. So here 9 types of tops you can run into at a gay bar, although lord knows, they may be tough to identify.”

To whet your top appetite, here’s #1: The Cocky Top. “This is a man who is blatantly exploiting his top privilege. He knows he’s in high demand, so he’s cocky about it (pun intended). He is a monster that needs to be stopped. Despite your desire to go home with him, you mustn’t. That will only make him worse. Don’t let his corny pickup lines and sleazy smile get to you. You are a magical bottom who deserves a goddamn Warlock to top you.”

Be sure to look at our post on Zane’s companion piece, “8 Types of Bottoms You Run Into at a Gay Bar“!

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Featured image by Cottonbro | Pexels

Friday October 8, 2021


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