8 Types of Bottoms You Run Into at a Gay Bar


The bottom boys in all their glory

A bit clicky page-by-page slide show (on every slide, use the More+ button under every image) that reveals the 8 types of Bottoms you’ll likely encounter while trying to order your Smoked Old Fashioned. Pride Contributing Editor Zachary Zane has fun satirizing the bottom boys in all their glory. Do you recognize yourself LOL?

The BB Team’s favorite is #3: The Choosy Bottom. “I mean, I have no experience with this. What I describe as my God-given ability to see the beauty in everyone, my friends describe as being an easy hoe with no standards. Toe-may-to. Toe-mah-to. But God knows there are bottoms who are looking for that one glass dick slipper. Good luck finding it, hunty.”

If you enjoyed this, check out our post of Zane’s companion piece, “9 Types of Tops You Run Into at the Gay Bar“! It’s not as clicky. We don’t know why the editors gave the Tops the better format. You can tell we’re a bit annoyed.

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Featured image courtesy of Elvert Barnes | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

Monday August 30, 2021

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