25 Tips for Giving a Super Hot BJ!

Gay couple with head on chest

Regardless of sexual orientation, guys love getting head

In Men’s Variety, Adam in California writes, “I’ve sucked off straight guys and gay men and am here to tell you that regardless of sexual orientation, guys love getting head…The approach I’ve used is always the same and is guaranteed to make him nut hard.”

Need we say any more? Adam certainly sounds like an expert! Possibly not a mathematician though, as he only gave us 24 tips (he skipped over Tip #8, or his editor deleted it).

Tip #9 was a great aha for us: “Slowly Go Down. One of the biggest turnoffs is to hear someone gag while he’s blowing you. Some people may not agree with this but think about it. Do you want to hear someone sound like they are about to throw up when they’re sucking on you? To avoid this from happening, take him one inch at a time.”

Disclosure: In the interest of journalistic integrity, the BB Team admits that we have tried all 24 tips. How many have you tried?

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Friday October 8, 2021

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