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Quora Q&A About Gay Bottoms and Tops - Bottom Basics

Q&A Sites – Are They Alright?

What are your thoughts on Q&A sites like Quora? Do you feel they are helpful or just full of “fake news”… or perhaps a little of both? I surveyed the BB staff this past week and found most of us thing that there is some value in the user generated responses on sites like Q&A. But, as you might guess, we all admitted that readers should be cautious regarding any information they read on those types of sites. It would be like asking 10 Italian grandmothers what ingredients they use when they make Lasagna. The ingredients would be mostly the same but with some variety and differing quantities.

So, we got curious on what Quora would say about bottoms and tops and roles, and what we found is pasted below. What do you think about these responses? Hit us back if you have any comments!

Quora Article: What’s the difference between top and bottom for gay couples?

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