10 Signs You’re a Submissive Bottom


Thank God that sex is not a taboo topic anymore.

Gay lifestyle writer Peter Minkoff at HomoCulture was wondering what to talk about this time, because, “Thank God that sex is not a taboo topic anymore as we can practically talk about anything that we like without it coming off as too much or perverted, right?”

Minkoff goes on to say, “Anywho, let’s focus on bottoms this time, and to make things even spicier (yes, that is possible hunny), let’s talk about submissive bottoms. Now, everyone loves submissive sex every once in a while, and here are 10 signs that you’re a submissive bottom. Perhaps this is something you didn’t know about yourself.”

The BB Team loved comparing notes, but hunny let’s not gossip. The article does indead get spicer! How many signs do you have?


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Featured image by Christian Buehner | Unsplash

Sunday September 26, 2021

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